Sunday, April 30, 2006

Green Backs Oil Companies Over Constituents

I drive alot more than the average person because of the nature of my job. Because of this I am very much feeling the bite of the inflated gas prices. Even with all of the rhetoric coming from big oil and their supporters in government, I still don't see a clear reason for what is happening at the pump. I believe that we are clearly being gouged.

Good thing we have elected officials that will take action to help us right? Well, it depends on who is supposed to be representing you in Washington. On Thursday a vote was taken in the House of Representatives proposing to take back the huge tax cuts that were given specifically to the big oil companies. The House voted and the proposal was defeated 232-190. This in the face of unprecedented profits for those companies and record costs to consumers.

Congressman Mark Green voted for the big oil companies. Yes their record profits are never enough apparently. Even while Green's constituents suffer at the pump, Green's guarding the back of the same people that are gouging them. I'd like to see someone do a campaign commercial on that one.

Green was not alone in that vote as he was joined by all of the other Republican Congressmen from Wisconsin.

This is not the first time that the Wisconsin Republicans in Congress have sided with big oil rather than the ever suffering consumer. Last year all Wisconsin Republicans voted in lockstep to successfully stop legislation that would have given the government more tools to stop price gouging.

Does anyone else see a pattern here? Apparently if you are a Republican Congressman your loyalties lie with Bush and his oil pals, rather than the common man and constituent.

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