Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Poll: Wisconsinites not Worried about Gay Marriage

Yet another thought on the new poll by St. Norbert's and Wisconsin Public Radio.

They asked those that were polled, " what is the most important problem facing Wisconsin". Take a guess what was not on the list....The need to "defend marriage" scored a big goose egg. At least those that want to defeat the discrimination Against Gays Amendment (DAGA) scored a 1% on this question.

So much for this big manufactured crisis that the right wingers have dredged up. Wisconsinites are clearly more concerned with everyday issues. Taxes, the economy, jobs, education and healthcare topped the list.

According to these poll results it seems that citizens have not been fooled in making this proposed amendment a major concern in their lives. Let's hope that this will translate to them voting against it in November.

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