Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mark Green is Scaring Old Ladies Again

OK, so maybe it's just in an indirect way, but still it's not right. In the USA Today, we find that many seniors that have signed up for the Medicare prescription drug benefit are getting nasty letters in the mail.

Insurers have notified tens of thousands of people in Medicare's new drug benefit plan that they might be kicked out because their premiums have not been paid.
But many who received the letters in the past few days insist they have already paid, have signed up for automatic Social Security deductions or qualify for free coverage, according to insurance counseling programs in California, New York, Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

"A lot of people are very concerned that they might lose their coverage," says Jack Vogelsong, director of the Apprise counseling program in Pennsylvania, which has received more than 800 calls in the past few days.

Medicare officials are trying to ease the anxiety, saying normal one- to two-month delays in processing enrollment into Social Security's automatic payment plan might be partly to blame...

I hope that Wisconsin seniors follow Mark Green around the state as he campaigns for governor and ask him why he supported such a troubling program. First we find out that the thing is more expensive for seniors and the government, then we find out that the "benefit" nearly kills Wisconsin's Senior Care program. Now it's cause for older folks to get threatening letters in the mail.

If this big government program was his idea of Ă‚“helpingĂ‚” seniors then please remind me to keep my grandmother away from Mark Green.

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