Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Record Gas Prices, No Solutions from GOP

Gas prices have recently increased, approaching $3 a gallon. I spent over $75 for gas just last week. I don't know about anyone else out there, but that is not something that I can maintain for very long.

In today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel we learn what seems obvious, oil prices are setting records. While working people continue to struggle, pundits and Big Oil spinsters give us a steady diet of mumbo jumbo to explain the phenomenon. Our Oil Executive in Chief says and does very little to ease our burden as his pals add to their soaring wealth. What is a peasant to do?

Well, thankfully we at least have a governor that is watching our back. Governor Doyle has urged the Republican controlled legislature to pass a price-gouging bill. It is not clear if the Republican leadership in the legislature will actually take action on this issue. Given their delayed reaction to giving extra help for heating bills this winter, I don't think I'll hold my breath.

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