Thursday, January 05, 2006

Campaign $$$ Questions for Paul Ryan

I must admit that I am happy to see Congressman Paul Ryan getting rid of the $949 given to him by Jack and Pamela Abramoff. This act does bring up a few questions however. Ryan has claimed that he could not give back the tainted $25,000 in Tom Delay money because it was all spent (among other excuses).

Ryan received the contribution from Abramoff in the year 2000. According to the Racine Journal Times he received $6,345 in Delay money that same year. Then he received $10,000 in Delay money in 2002. So here is my question. How is it that you have apparently not spent the Abramoff money but you have somehow spent all of the Delay money? You received the bulk of the Delay money after you received the gift from Abramoff. How did the Abramoff cash manage to stick around while the Delay money vanished?

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