Friday, January 20, 2006

Charlie Sykes' Newfound Love for the Race Card

It seems that Charlie Sykes, captain of the neo-con zombie brigade, has turned a new leaf. He’s playing the race card. First he produced a commercial basically accusing Governor Doyle of being a racist. Forget the fact that he has two adopted black sons and has proposed several initiatives that will be helpful to many in the African American Community. Now he is targeting our fellow blogger Xoff. What is Xoff’s great sin? He is questioning the legality of running those issue adds on WTMJ Radio. Responding to the question today, Sykes entitles a post “Xoff To Black Kids: Shut Up.” I don’t pretend to know the legal implications of this matter, but I do know that Sykes response is typically outrageous.

I find it hard to believe that the new advocate for the African American Community in Wisconsin is Charlie Sykes. He is the same guy that would love to cut every social program that benefits that very community. All so that other white guys in his tax bracket can possess more stuff. Such a noble advocate!

When any African American dares to suggest that race is ever an issue, Sykes and those of his ilk are outraged. Apparently he is not so offended when some rich white guy with a political ax to grind does the same.


Jay Bullock said...

For anyone who has the time to do thorough research:
Charlie Sykes on the "race card."

My cursory glance seems to say that he doesn't much like it.

Cory Liebmann said...

hey jay,
thanks for the google link. i try not to listen to any of these guys unless it is on an empty stomach. it does not take long to know that sykes hates "the race card". ironically, as i hoped this post would show, he will use any tactic (even one that he despises) to attack a political enemy. some standards huh?

Interloper said...

Jay - Someone should do some research and reporting on who funds these pro-voucher groups. PFAW did some research on this in the past.

It's interesting that the many foundations--such as the Bradley Foundation--that fund the Alliance for Choices in Education (ACE), Black Alliance for Educational Options, and others also fund the likes of the Heritage Foundation and the American Legislative Affairs Council. Clint Bolick, of course, who heads up ACE--School Choice Wisconsin's Susan Mitchell is its co-chair--was a co-founder of the Institute for Justice, which gained fame slandering President Clinton's civil rights nominee Lani Guenier and attacking affirmative action in California (Prop 209). Bolick was also on the legal team, along with Kenneth Starr, hired by Tommy Thompson to defend the voucher program before the Wisconsin Supreme Court back in the late 1990s. The Bradley Foundation famously supported Charles Murray's book the Bell Cruve which argued that African-Americans are genetically inferior to whites.

Not the usual friends of urban America and the African-American community are these folks. Curious. Could it be that they're all just using the Milwaukee community as a political pawn in a much bigger game to de-fund public education?

In any event, it's quite a fun "six degrees of separation" game to be played with this crowd.

Cory Liebmann said...

great comments as usual. i have been way too busy lately, but this is something that i might look into a bit more. i usually defer to jay (folkbum's rambles and rants) on the educational issues. this is one angle that i might be able to pursue.