Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Swaggart Defender of Marriage Awards, Vol. 2

The term “swaggart” is a word that we have coined to describe a hypocrite. For a full explanation, take a look at our first presentation of this award. As you all know, Republicans claim to be the defenders of marriage in their effort to discriminate against gays. So how ironic is it that so many of them have abused the “sacred” institution? I mean really…the institution of marriage should get a restraining order against most of these hypocrites. With that being said, let’s get on with the presentation:

The second winner of the “Swaggart Defender of Marriage Award” is:

Neo-Conman & Talk Show Host Charlie Sykes

While he may be willing to discuss how gay people are seeking to damage the institution of marriage, he is not likely to confess his own failings in that area. Here are the facts:

  • Charlie Sykes divorced his first wife in 1977.
  • He then married former state Supreme Court Justice Diane Sykes in 1980.
    They had two children together.
  • On September 11, 1996 Charlie Sykes received THIS CITATION from the Whitefish Bay Police Department for setting off fireworks on public grounds. Here is the interesting part- he was found doing this in Big Bay Park, after hours, with a woman that was not his wife at the time. Go ahead. Read it yourself.
  • Sykes then began using this “park women” on a radio panel in 1997. He even gave her a fake name which eventually the media revealed. First he said she was only a listener, then a “family friend” that did research for him.
  • The “park women” was apparently married during the “park incident” as she did not get a divorce until 1998.
  • On July 29, 1999 Diane and Charlie Sykes filed for a divorce.
  • Both agreed that the marriage was “irretrievably broken.”
  • The marriage was officially dissolved on June 1, 1999.
  • Barely a year after the divorce with Diane, Charlie married his third wife. And yes it was the “park women.”

Yes this great defender of marriage loves the institution so much that he has been married three times! I know several gay couples that have been together for a longer period than all three of his marriages. Some would call his constant remarrying immoral. Others would be bothered by the park incident with “the other women”. Honestly, I could care a less about Sykes’ personal life. It is the hypocrisy that bothers me.

I can hear my detractors once again, “this is mean spirited!” Well, tell that to the gay couples that you attack on a regular basis. “This is too personal!” Yet the personal lives of gay couples is not off limits to your rantings and discriminatory laws. “This hurts his family and kids!” What about the families and kids of same sex couples? You don’t seem too concerned about them. None of these things seemed to bother you when it was Bill Clinton (and his family) or John Norquist (and his family). As a matter of fact, Sykes still brings up the Norquist situation whenever he wants to discredit his political enemies. So please, spare me your lectures. Your hypocrisy may earn you the next Swaggart award.

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krshorewood said...

Q What do Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and Charlie Sykes have in common?

A Two more marriages than Bill Clinton.