Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mark Pocan's New Blog

ProgressiveState legislator Mark Pocan (D-Madison) debuted a blog this past week. In his press release he promises to “showcase the good, the bad and the ugly in Wisconsin government.”

Below are a few highlights from his new blog:

Mark doubts whether the Discrimination Against Gays Amendment (DAGA) is really about marriage at all. He even reveals a few overheard comments from Republicans in Madison, expressing how they don’t really like dealing with this issue.

Mark questions whether the so-called Wisconsin Taxpayer’s Alliance is really a non-partisan group. He proceeds to make a convincing argument that they should really be called the Corporate Taxpayer’s Alliance.

He also questions why Sen. Mike Ellis (R-Neenah) seems to be undermining Gov. Doyle’s attempt at ethics reform. He suggests that maybe it could be pain pills that are making Ellis act so strange (apparently Ellis recently slipped on ice and was injured).

Mark talks in detail about how money taints our political system. He mentions his proposals of having publicly financed elections (something that I support). He also discusses the new ethics package that Doyle has introduced.

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