Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Journal Sentinel Suffers Amnesia Today

Imagine that Jim Doyle’s chief of staff showed up on freebee lists of a lobbyist that just plead guilty for multiple felonies. Further imagine that this lobbyist had also bribed governors and their staffs with trips and gifts. Do you think that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel would mention that while reporting on the guilty plea? Given the Journal Sentinel’s obsession with putting Doyle on the front page for any and every reason, it seems like a sure thing. Since the actual lobbyist is Jack Abramoff and the chief of staff is Republican Mark Green’s Mark Graul, the paper says nothing.

This imbalance seems to be a pattern with the Journal Sentinel. Although they won’t stop reporting on Doyle campaign contributions from contractors, they refused last month to report on Contract Questions for Scott Walker (story broken here). Now the other Republican candidate for governor has a former chief of staff (current campaign manager) on a freebee list of a guilty lobbyist and it is not even mentioned in today’s Front page story.

Either the Journal Sentinel has been so shell shocked by false accusations of liberal bias, or they have a horse in this race. Given their choice of coverage, it seems that horse may actually be an elephant.

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