Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Journal Sentinel Gets it Half Right

In an editorial today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel rightly describes an add produced by Neo-Con talker Charlie Sykes as "over the top." The add compares Gov. Doyle to racist southern governors of the past. Why would they accuse an adoptive father of two African-American sons of being a racist? Well that is simple, because they refuse to meet Gov. Doyle halfway on the school choice issue. For that they compare Doyle to racists? Yes, they only care about winning and are brutal to anyone that does not totally agree with them.

Where the Journal Sentinel gets it wrong, is where they buy into the false message of the right wing.

On the issue itself, Sykes and Holt are right. We agree - and have argued in past editorials - that more students should be allowed to enroll in the voucher program.

Governor Doyle HAS proposed to RAISE the Thompson era cap (from 15% to 18%)! This means that more students WOULD be allowed to enroll! He simply does not want to totally REMOVE the cap and cause a public school harming free-for-all. He also wants to impose some standards on these schools. If we are using tax dollars, why should we not make sure that those dollars are invested well?

The issue here is that the right wing does not know the meaning of compromise. They are like a spoiled brat that always wants their own way with no questions asked. As we can see in this recent spot, if they don't get their way they will make any dirty and unfounded accusation.

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Interloper said...

I wonder who on the Journal-Sentinel editorial board usually writes the voucher editorials. Whoever it is seems to have very selective sources of information. As you rightly point out, the editorial writer appears to ignore news articles from the Journal Sentinel itself about the relavant facts, such as the Governor's support for lifting the cap with certain conditions ("accountability"). This editorial writer could easily moonlight as an author of press releases for the voucher lobby because they, too, selectively choose facts that support their point of view.