Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dear WTMJ Radio....

I understand that Milwaukee’s WTMJ Radio is getting rid of one of their right wing talkers (hat tip to Xoff). Mark Reardon aired on weekday evenings on the neo-con flagship. The reason that WTMJ gave for Reardon’s departure was “2006 budget adjustments.” As a part-owner of the airwaves that they use, I have thought about sending the following letter.

Dear WTMJ,
I understand that you have an opening for a talk show host on your station. I have a revolutionary idea for you in filling the slot. NO MORE NEO-CONS! You are based in an area of the state that is largely much more liberal than any of your current hosts. Could you possibly try bringing on ONE LIBERAL? Now don’t give me that standard answer that there is not a market for it…do you not know where you are? In any case this would be a perfect time to test it.

There are a lot of liberal candidates that would do a good job as a talk show host. If they are liberal and they can read/think, they could easily make mincemeat of your current line-up. Then again, maybe that is why you don’t want to hire a liberal.

If money is the real issue in Reardon’s departure then you should hire a liberal that will work for cheap. Perhaps you should choose one with less radio credentials. I doubt that the liberal majority around your station would mind as they are starving for SOME representation on the airwaves.

Actually, if you are considering inexperienced liberal candidates with very limited talent who also come cheap, I am looking for a third job. Oh the joys of the Bush economy! Hey, that would be a good topic for your new liberal host! Well, let me know ASAP otherwise I may have to take that part-time position scrubbing toilets. Thanks for your time.

Cory Liebmann


Sadie said...

Jeff Reardon was a relief pitcher for The Minnesota Twins!

Mark Reardon is currently out at TMJ!!

Cory Liebmann said... fault. thanks for the correction!