Friday, January 27, 2006

State Senate Overrides Doyle on Guns, Celebratory Fire In Virginia

Yesterday the State Senate successfully voted to override Gov. Doyle’s veto of the concealed carry legislation. How ironic that on the same day a gun toting counterpart in Virginia fires off his gun in his legislative office. This from today’s Richmond Times Dispatch:

A remorseful Del. John S. Reid apologized yesterday after a handgun he was attempting to unload went off in his legislative office, firing into a bulletproof vest hanging in the middle of the door to the reception area.
No one was hurt in the accident, which happened shortly before 9 a.m. on the seventh floor of the General Assembly Building.
Reid said he didn't think anyone was outside the door when the gun went off. The door opens to the area where secretaries work and visitors including constituents, lobbyists and staff members -- frequently walk by.
If the NRA led Republican Party of Wisconsin is able to override Doyle’s veto in the Assembly, they might want to start passing out protective gear at the door to the Capitol.

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