Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Poll I Thought I Missed...But Didn't

I opened my paper on Monday and found a very large add in the main section. “Will Senators Kohl & Feingold listen to Ted Kennedy or the people of Wisconsin?” was the title. The paid advertisement was referring to the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. “Oh my,” I thought, “did I miss a major poll taken in Wisconsin on this issue?” So I read the entire add but found no poll results. I only found name calling, and extreme right wing spin.

The dishonesty made me wonder, who would promote such an add? Then I looked at the bottom and read “Focus on the Family Action.” “Oh…only the religious wrong would be so sinfully dishonest,” I said to myself. For those that don’t know, Focus on the Family is headed by quack and all around wacko James Dobson, and is based in Colorado.

So why are these people telling us what “Wisconsin values” are? Could it actually be “Wisconsin Values” that have put Senators Kohl and Feingold repeatedly in office? I trust those “polls” much more than the edicts of an out of state fringe group.

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downwithrinos said...

Interestingly, Focus on Family doesn't just lie to hurt Democrats, as you might think. They recently sent automated calls to constituents of DOMA supporters inaccurately claiming - truly moral people might call it lying - the legislators were now opposed to the bill.

Apparently they're not only liars, but they think convincing the public that even their own supporters are evil is the way to godliness.