Friday, January 13, 2006

McBride Swipes Judge’s Robe, Puts on Tinfoil Hat

Don’t look now, but I think Jessica McBride just swiped Judge Brennan’s robe. Yep, she has all but declared herself judge and jury in the “tire slashing” case. As a matter of fact, she has tried to charge the defendants with new crimes. In her recent post, she repeatedly makes accusations of “fraud” and “voter suppression” in this matter. Here is what the actual charges are in the case:

Statute 943.01(2) (D) Criminal Damage to Property (Over $2500)

Now I am a little surprised that hubby (Paul Bucher) didn’t tell Jessica that in court legal words have specific meaning. She should really not toss around these words when these are not the charges. I mean, as much as I’d like to charge George Bush with sexual assault (for screwing the working class and poor) I know that it is probably not legally appropriate.

Somewhere in her post, McBride loses the judicial robe for her official GOP tinfoil hat. Yes, because now she has made this act of damaging property into some grand orchestrated conspiracy to steal an election. Sounds like a “sore loser” to me, but where does she get this idea? Well, apparently she heard a defense lawyer doing their job in DEFENDING their client. Apparently the lawyer suggested that the slashing was done by out of state operatives. McBride takes this defense and jumps right off the deep end with it.

I’d like to see McBride apply her formula to a similar case. Less than a month ago, one of the top Republicans in New England was convicted of an election related crime. In this Republican plot, James Tobin and others jammed Democrats phones on Election Day 2002. These phones were to be used to help get out the vote. In one case it was “get out the vote” cars that were targeted and in the other it was “get out the vote” phones. Even though it was not charged, I wonder if McBride would describe this Republican plot as “voter fraud/voter suppression”. Also I wonder if she would accuse the Republican Party of conspiring since they actually paid Tobin’s legal bills.

As a typical Republican, McBride then manages to advocate for voter ID’s in the same post. I’m not entirely sure how requiring voters to show identification at the polls would have stopped vandals from slitting tires. Next thing you know, she’ll be telling us that ending same day voter registration will cure Type II diabetes. For McBride’s sake, I hope that we can find something to cure the delusional neo-con blogger.


WatchdogMilwaukee said...

Why are you taking Jessica seriously on this trial, or on the issue of voter fraud?

Her "felons voting" investigation after the 2000 election came up with nothing but a few cases lacking intent -- parolees/probationers voted by mistake because they didn't know the law and weren't informed. The cases were all thrown out. In the end, Journal Sentinel editors had to defend the fact that they were allowing Waukesha DA Paul Bucher's wife-to-be target Milwaukee DA E. Michael McCann, no political friend of Bucher's.

Eventually, she left journalism, knowing that Charlie Sykes would continue to give his buddy Bucher and his wife a forum.

Meanwhile, the Journal's 2004 crack at felons voting came up with nothing, nada, zilch, a couple of cases and no evidence anywhere of any organized fraud.

Jessica and these tire-slasher lawyers are good match - they can talk to each other and we can talk about some of the real problems at the polls in 2004, such as long lines, undertrained staffers, poor paperwork handling, etc. etc,


Interloper said...

QUOTE: "Now I am a little surprised that hubby (Paul Bucher) didn’t tell Jessica that in court legal words have specific meaning."

Now you assume that Paul can get a word in edgewise. Jessica strikes me as one of those right-wing mouthpieces who just talks louder when she hears something she doesn't agree with. Bill O'Reilly is an excellent case in point -- just another bully with a big mouth and a small brain.