Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So Close But Yet So Far

As I rushed to prepare for a busy day this morning, I managed to read an interesting story. “Mudslinging Starts Early in Campaign for Governor” was the title on the front of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. My interest almost turned to glee as it seemed that they might, however vaguely, mention the no-bid contract that Scott Walker awarded to a company headed by campaign contributors. The story was originally broken right here at Eye on Wisconsin. Unfortunately the Journal Sentinel only mentioned that Walker gave back $325, but did not mention why. You see, as Xoff has already stated, Walker only decided to give back this small amount AFTER the AP picked up on our story. So why not report this little detail? I really don’t understand it, let’s look at the facts:

  • Walker received campaign contributions from executives at the company in question.
  • Walker’s Administration awarded a no-bid contract to the company.
  • We reported on this issue.
  • The AP felt our story legitimate enough to pick up on it.
  • Walker apparently saw the terrible appearance of the whole thing and gave back a small portion of the money.

Given these facts, why would the Journal Sentinel not report? Why would they take us right up to the edge but hold back on vital aspects? In this very story they printed partisan allegations of both Doyle and Green. Why not the full story on Walker? Are they in a love affair with Scott Walker? Perhaps they are simply embarrassed because some blogger beat them to a story. In any case, it’s a pathetic shame.

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