Saturday, January 21, 2006

There is Just No Pleasing Those Republicans

News flash! Rick Graber and the Republican Party of Wisconsin are not happy with the recommended sentence in the “tire slashing” case. Although it makes me want to gag, lets dissect their latest piece:

We urge Judge Brennan to disregard the District Attorney's recommendation for probation and in turn call for him to invoke a sentence of jail time.

Graber should know that the prosecutor only made this offer because the prospect of even getting a conviction was in jeopardy. We can see that the jury was struggling with the largely circumstantial case. We also know that the one defendant that did not take the deal was even found NOT GUILTY. The prosecutor was probably not going to get the other 4 defendants to plead if he insisted on jail time. Can you imagine what wild accusations would have been made if all 5 were acquitted?

It should also be noted that the crime that the 4 defendants plead to are equal in degree to a domestic violence or disorderly conduct charge. These also carry a maximum of 9 months in jail. I don’t know if any of the 4 have a previous record but if they don’t they should not see any jail time given WHAT THEY WERE CONVICTED OF…a misdemeanor. I have never seen a case of a defendant, that has no criminal record, getting jail time for a similar conviction (other than being in jail just after they were arrested). Graber is way outside of the norm on this and seems to only want to punish Rep. Gwen Moore through the incarceration of her son.

This case shows that Democrats will stop at nothing to undermine efforts by Republicans to get-out-the-vote on Election Day and has shed light on the extent they are willing to go for their own political gain.

Now didn’t I tell you yesterday that they were going to start with the tinfoil hat conspiracy theories? Four people have been convicted in this incident, not the Democratic Party. Do I have to start naming Republicans who have behaved badly just before and during past elections? Does that bad behavior mean that the Republican Party as a whole orchestrated a grand conspiracy to suppress dem voters?

Judge Brennan can look forward to months of press releases, ranting by the local radio propagandists, and contact from the rest of the neo-con zombie brigade. I am confidant that he will not be forced to do anything in a court of law based on the coming storm of political pressure.

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