Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hand Holder Needed for Green While in Wisconsin

We already know that Congressman Mark Green is a mere follower, led by the hand by Republican Party Bosses. Now we know that he apparently needs adult supervision even when he is back in Wisconsin.

This from the Journal Sentinel’s Capitol Blog:

During Gov. Jim Doyle’s “State of the State” speech Tuesday night, Assembly Democratic Leader Jim Kreuser’s staff heard someone trying to come in to the office through a door marked “Do Not Enter,” said Kreuser spokesman Seth Boffeli. An aide to Kreuser opened the door to see who was trying to get in, and was surprised to see Green, a Green Bay Republican and one of Doyle’s challengers for governor, Boffeli said.

Green tried to walk past the aide, saying he needed to get to the office of Assembly Speaker John Gard (R-Peshtigo), who is running for Green’s seat in Congress.

A Capitol geography lesson is needed here: The Speaker’s offices are found behind the front end of the chamber, while the Minority Leader’s Office is at the other end of the chamber, adjacent to the Assembly parlor -- and a good 100 or so feet away.

Kreuser’s staff told Green that he was trying to enter the Democratic leader’s office – not Gard’s – but Green tried again to gain entry. Finally, he took their word that he couldn’t get to Gard’s office through Kreuser’s and left, Boffeli said.

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