Saturday, January 28, 2006

No Lose Manpower Situation Ticks Off CRG

Citizen's for Republican Government is standing in the way of progress in Milwaukee again. They are opposing plans to move Manpower Inc.'s new corporate headquarters to downtown Milwaukee from their two suburban locations. What exactly is your major malfunction? How is it bad to move a major corporation into the city's ascending downtown area?

Apparently their sticking point is that the city will help finance the building of a parking structure, which will be free to Manpower workers. A member of CRG makes the frivolous claim that Mayor Barrett is "attempting to stuff money into his cronies pockets." Oh stop with the false sloganeering! First, I was not aware that Manpower Inc. is a "crony" of Tom Barrett. Second, this money is not being given away. It is called an INVESTMENT!

The city plans on providing what is called Tax Increment Financing for the parking structure. In other words, the money will be paid back WITH INTEREST. What is the downside of that? Particularly when this will further renovate the area, bring a major Corp. to downtown, benefit local business, generate more property tax revenue, and create more jobs. "Yeah, but I don't get to park for free downtown, that's not fair!" Oh get over yourself, I spend a lot of time downtown and have to pay also, so what?

This seems like such a slam dunk that I really have to question CRG's real motivations. I personally suspect that the Republican Club really seeks to discredit and weaken the Democratic Mayor at any cost. Even if that cost is damaging the City and it's residents.

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