Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Boots and Sabers should Apologize

There is an ongoing online dispute between right wing bloggers, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Columnist Eugene Kane. It all started after Eugene Kane wrote a Sunday column regarding Milwaukee's ‚ Riverwest neighborhood.

I have already filed the complaints by the right in the "so what" file in my mind. So let me give you the cliff notes version.

Right wing blog Boots and Sabers noticed that the name of a person mentioned in Kane's column was allegedly that of a guy that was convicted in the tire slashing case.

Charlie Sykes then gave the Boots and Sabers post some publicity by mentioning it on his blog.

Then Eugene Kane happened to notice that the right wing blogs were becoming fixated on this point. So he replied on his Raising Kane blog.

OK, sorry for boring you. But here is the point to my post. Boots and Sabers then responds to Kanes blog with a post entitled, "Kane's Komedic Komments."

What? Was that some strange accident? Is Owen at Boots and Sabers trying to be funny? What's funny about the KKK? Trying to be clever? Do me a favor, be a clever young righty and make a visit to Milwaukee's Black Holocaust Museum ASAP!

It is bad enough that you treat such a blemish in our history so lightly. The fact that you do it only days after the death of a local Civil Rights giant and direct it to an African American columnist only makes it worse.

I think that you should apologize for this post.

Given their history on responding to outrageous comments, I wont wait for the right wing to ask you to do it.

Update: Owen at Boots and Sabers refuses to apologize for his comment. No surprise there. It appears that he used the reference to get noticed. He states in his response, "Finally somebody noticed." He says that he believes that Kane is a racist and that is why he used the KKK reference. If he really believes that, it's his business. Right or wrong, I think there are 101 other ways he could have expressed that opinion. He didn't have to resort to this tactic, he already has the attention of neo-con talkers, politicians and others. Perhaps that is something they should reconsider.

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ALF said...

As I have NEVER seen any kind of apology from the left, and in fact, I am still awaiting my apology from Hillary regarding the "vast right wing conspiracy", I sincerely hope that Owen sticks to his guns.