Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sykes Speaks on Coulter, Sorta

In a previous post I asked why the right wing was not outraged over the crazy comments by conservative commentator Ann Coulter. You will remember that a full week ago she made all manner of disgusting comments and allegations against the widows of 911 victims. Not a word from Wisconsin right wingers.

Now, a week later, under apparent pressure from "lefty emails," Sykes has decided to finally comment on the Coulter statements. What is his grand insight into the assault on the 911 widows? He calls Coulter's comments "over the top" and "ill-advised." He then tries to distance himself from Coulter by saying that lefties are "demanding that all conservatives denounce Coulter's comments (as if we are all her keepers.)"-emphasis mine.

Charlie, let me tell you something. Ann Coulter is the conservative Ward Churchill. Ann Coulter is your Michael Moore. To the extent that you hold Democrats responsible for their comments, you should equally be held responsible for Coulter's.

After his VERY BRIEF comments about Coulter, he then immediately falls into his practice of changing the subject. He brings up some unsourced second hand comments allegedly from a prominant liberal blogger.

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