Thursday, June 08, 2006

When Right Wing Think Tanks Attack

In less than a month at least two “reports” were released by right wing think tanks. Both accused Wisconsin’s students of not being quite up to par. The first one was from the Hoover Institute and said that Wisconsin’s numbers are inflated and that Wisconsin has found loopholes in No Child Left Behind testing requirements.

This week the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, yet another right wing think tank, claims that Wisconsin’s standards in World History are not sufficient. They claim that those standards are too vague. Ironically, a representative of the Department of Public Instruction commented that they prefer LOCAL CONTROL and allow officials on the local level to further define such standards.

So let me understand this, a right wing think tank criticizes Wisconsin for exercising “local control”? My how times have changed.

It is also no surprise that the Fordham study was paid for by the right wing Milwaukee based Bradley Foundation.

My only question is why the right wing war against Wisconsin Education? I thought that we were doing quite well, since we routinely place in the top tier in ACT scores. I fully expect that the next right wing “report” will tell me that there is something wrong with that finding as well.

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