Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don't Give Jensen Preferential Treatment

Dane County DA Brian Blanchard has made a filing with Judge Ebert's court, stating that former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen should appeal his convictions from behind bars. Jensen who had his day in court and was found guilty of multiple felonies, apparently feels that he is special. He apparently feels that he should not have to serve his time while he appeals.

I am not aware of any convicted felon, having been sentenced to over a year of prison, having been allowed their freedom as they mount what could be endless appeals. Shouldn't a few "law and order" Republicans speak up here? I wonder what candidate for Attorney General Paul Bucher would say here?

Jensen's case is nothing special. There are countless convicted felons sitting in prison law libraries all over Wisconsin. Most must feel that they were wrongly convicted and are also filing appeals. Wealth, power, and connections should provide Jensen no preferential treatment.

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