Monday, June 12, 2006

GOP Choose Tax Cuts for Rich Over Homeland Security

We have already discussed the fact that this Republican controlled federal government failed to provide appropriate Homeland Security funds to the cities with the most risk. Actually, they have cut funding to those cities while giving more money to others that face little risk.

I thought that once this information was made public that the Republicans in Congress would act outraged and recalibrate the funds. No such luck. Actually when they had a chance last week to vote on giving more funding to cities at greatest risk, they voted "no." Yes, and that does include Mark Green and every other Wisconsin Republican in Congress. Democrats tried to offer an amendment to HR 5441 that would have provided an additional $750 million to the cities most at risk. Republicans were able to block that amendment.

What on earth could be the reason for Wisconsin Republicans refusal to fully fund the protection of our most vulnerable cities? Because the extra money for the funds would have been taken from their continual tax cuts for the rich.

Republicans talk a tough game but when push comes to shove they have demonstrated their priorities. More tax cuts for the rich, less funds for fighting terrorism right here at home.

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