Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Conspiracy Theories, Innuendo and Dirty Campaigning

So Georgia Thompson has been convicted.

Republicans were trying to make this matter into much more before her conviction, so obviously now they are going to take this and run right off the deep end.

Here are a few things that dispel many of the Republican conspiracy theories:

  • After all of this time Georgia Thompson is the only person that has been charged with anything.
  • The Thompson indictment does not allege “pay-to-play” activity.
  • An FBI agent testified during the trial that there was no evidence that Thompson knew about any links between Doyle and Adelman.
  • Biskupic himself has said that this case was about “Georgia Thompson and Georgia Thompson alone”.

None of these things will matter to Republicans in the long run. Voters will certainly be assaulted by negative adds filled with innuendo and baseless accusations. Ironic that the upcoming dirty campaigning will come from someone that was only recently calling for a “clean campaign.”

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slammer said...

This is not done yet. More shall come, if Doyle wants us to believe that a woman who has said she has no political ties to any person or party did this for shits and giggles on her own accord is sorely mistaken