Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tom Reynolds, Paranoia, and Videotape

Nearly a month ago Watchdog Milwaukee broke a story involving State Senator Tom Reynolds (R-Pluto). Apparently Reynolds was holding what he called a “town hall meeting” at the Wauwatosa PUBLIC Library. When a person entered the room with a video camera, he told the person that she had to stop taping him. You can view the video with this LINK to Watchdog Milwaukee’s 14MB file.

Apparently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Spivak and Bice got wind of this incident and did a story profiling it on June 3rd.

Today Xoff is doing a public service in reminding us why Reynolds may be so camera shy. He offers us THIS commercial back when Reynolds ran against long-time Democratic Congressman Gerald Kleczka.

After watching that well done commercial, I guess I can see why Reynolds seems so paranoid. It’s all but over for him if the public at-large should hear how extreme he really is on virtually every issue.

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Joe Baker said...

I'm glad people are posting information about how conservative he might be. I heard he is against the Income tax, so am I, so is the US Constitution. Do you have a problem with that?