Tuesday, June 06, 2006

McBrides Low Grades, My Low Expectations

Watchdog Milwaukee has discovered that Jessica McBride does not appear to be very popular with her students at UWM.

Tons of people meet on the website MySpace.com and one of the features they have is “Grade Your Professor”. Reporter turned UW-Milwaukee Professor and WTMJ right-wing talk radio show host Jessica McBride gets just a C+ from her students.

Watchdog then goes on to list several quotes from some of McBride's students that include things like, "She's full of herself and that is all you hear about all semester," and "she doesn't really focus on many relevant things, just her greatness."

If we are to believe the above student evaluations, I wonder how much stock we should put into McBride's new "research project" on immigration. She has mentioned this on Charlie Sykes show and apparently is doing this work for the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute.

Given the right wing frenzy on immigration last week, which left egg on many faces, my expectations for her "research project" couldn't be lower.

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