Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thompson to Mark Green: Talk to the Hand

Former Libertarian Candidate for Governor Ed Thompson has been getting increasingly vocal in his opposition to the Discrimination Against Gays Amendment that will appear on the ballot in in November.

A story in the Daily Reporter this week shows that Thompson is on the attack against the proposed amendment. The story quotes Thompson saying some of the following:

"it is just a ploy to get out the right-wing vote"

"I'm going to speak out about it every chance I get. Enough of this nonsense."

Thompson also describes the amendment as an "evil thing" that is "so incredibly wrong" that it amounts to "lunacy."

Perhaps one of the most interesting things that the Daily Reporter story reveals is the fact that Mark Green went to Thompson's Tomah restaurant seeking his endorsement. Thompson refused to give Green his endorsement citing his support for the Discrimination Against Gays Amendment.

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