Monday, June 19, 2006

Mayor Favre Takes a Vow

Eddie Favre Mayor of Bay St. Louis Mississippi and distant cousin to Brett Favre has taken a vow. He has vowed not to change his shorts until the citizens of his Katrina ravaged town have been “made whole.”

In an AP story we learn that more than 70% of the homes in Bay St. Louis were wiped out. Also this from the AP:
Roughly three-quarters of the city’s pre-storm population of 8,000 is back, but many of those who returned are still waiting for the financial assistance they need to start rebuilding.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Favre says he’s reduced to serving as a morale-booster while he presses state and federal officials to deliver aid to homeowners and the city, which anticipates a $15 million budget deficit over the next three years.

“I hate to see my people suffering so much and know that, to a large extent, there’s not a ... thing I can do to help them,” Favre said.

Nine months after the killer storm, some communities, including Bay St. Louis, are still haggling with the Federal Emergency Management Agency over the timetable and cost of debris removal. And now another hurricane season is upon the city. (emphasis mine-Cory)
According to the story, Mayor Favre sported his shorts when sharing the stage with George W. Bush and at the annual Radio & Television Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washington.

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