Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Still No Energy Policy in 2006?

I remember when Bill Clinton was president and leading up to the 2000 presidential election, the right wing had many mantras. One of their favorites was that the Clinton/Gore Administration had no Energy Policy. The Republican Policy Committee even wrote an extensive paper about it (please note the irony of some of the other charges here). George W. Bush campaigned on it in 2000.

So how interesting is it that possible Republican candidate for President in '08,Rudy Giuliani, is making this charge? That is one heck of a way to make friends with the ruling class of your party. Afterall, they are the ones in charge of the entire federal government.

Giuliani is set to do a few stump speeches for Mark Green before the November election. I wonder if he will call Green out for his part in this non-action on energy policy? He has been in Congress since 1998 right? That would be a stump speech that even I would take time to attend.

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