Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hmm...Wisconsin is not "Bush-Country" After All

I'm sure that I am not the only progressive that would become ill in 2004 when Republicans proclaimed Wisconsin "Bush-Country." I mean, didn't they realize that he lost this state in 2000? Do you think they were still making that claim after he ended up losing this state again in 2004? Perhaps.

After the latest poll of Wisconsinites released today, I doubt that we will hear that claim again. This from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's All Politics Blog regarding the new numbers:

In the latest poll by Strategic Vision, only 26% of Wisconsinites approve of Bush’s job performance, and only 22% approve of his handling of Iraq.

But the trend is what’s more disturbing for the Administration. Here are the president’s approval numbers in the series of statewide polls conducted by Strategic Vision going in chronological order from late January to early March to early April to late April to early June: 38, 36, 31, 28, 26.

Here are the approval numbers for the President’s handling of Iraq: 38, 36, 27, 25, 22.

Here are the percentages of Wisconsinites who would like to see the US withdraw all troops from Iraq within six months: 45, 47, 55, 56, 59.

I wonder if the massive majority of Wisconsinites that disapprove of Bush know that Mark Green has been a rubber stamp for him in Congress? I wonder how many of the 59% that want to get out of Iraq in six months know that Mark Green founded the "Victory in Iraq Caucus" in Congress? Would they vote for someone with whom they disagree with so strongly?

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