Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Homework Assignment for McBride and Bucher

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, right wing blogger/talker Jessica McBride is reportedly working on a “research project” on immigration for the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. It sounds like the “research” will focus on illegal immigrants in our corrections system. Next thing you know, her husband and Republican candidate for Attorney General, Paul Bucher is touting numbers in today’s paper. What kind of numbers? Numbers of how many illegal immigrants have been paroled in Wisconsin.

I have a few questions regarding this situation and would like to assign some homework:

  1. Is this a simple coincidence that just as McBride is doing her “research” on this specific subject that her husband starts releasing data on the same topic?
  2. Did McBride give or otherwise share this information with her husband?
  3. If she is being paid by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (a self described nonpartisan/non-profit) for her “research”, is it appropriate for her to also give this information to a political campaign?
  4. Does this mean that WPRI is coordinating it’s efforts with the Bucher Campaign?
  5. Does all of this pass the smell test? Is it appropriate?

These are honest questions that I believe deserve honest answers. I will wait for McBride/Bucher to respond, but won’t hold my breath. In the mean time it would be great for some reporter somewhere in this state to check into the matter. If it were a Dem, it would likely already be a headline in the paper.

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