Monday, June 05, 2006

Questions for Exploiters of the Milwaukee Shootings

Last week all elements of the right wing went into a tirade regarding the shootings in Milwaukee over Memorial Day Weekend. In disgusting fashion, both the Republican Party of Wisconsin and Republican candidate for governor Mark Green, tried to score cheap political points from the tragedies. They both attack Jim Doyle as if he should have been standing guard at all 28 locations of the shootings.

If Republicans would try to suggest that they were not being purely partisan last week, then I have a few questions for them:
  1. Why not forget politics and party and show unity? Why not come together, vow to work together to resolve this problem? Why so itchy with the partisan trigger finger?
  2. Although there were 28 separate shootings that weekend, why the almost total focus on only the one at South Shore Park? Why so much talk about the suspect's immigration status? Trying to use the tragedy to curry favor for your immigration policies? A tad opportunistic isn't it?
  3. If you must assign blame to a politican then why not pick the ones with the closest jurisdiction? Since you seem to be almost totally focused on the South Shore Park shootings, which elected officials are directly responsible for that park? Sheriff David Clarke and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker right? Yet no mention of them? By the way, didn't they hold a dueling press conference opposite of Governor Doyle's? Why not the same complaint that they took so long to do something when they are right here in town?

It seems that the Republican Party and many of it's candidates have no shame in exploiting a tragedy for possible political gain. We have clearly seen this on the national level, now the shameful act is being replicated right here at home.

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